Building Florishing Communities – General Information and Who to Contact in your area

By Amy Stonoha  |  January 7, 2020  |  Featured News, Uncategorized

Building Flourishing Communities is spreading the information about how to help our children grow up with strong, addiction-resistant brains, the ability to build meaningful relationships, focus on their work and remain calm under stress.

There are 33 Building Flourishing Communities Facilitators guiding Learning Events in all regions of Vermont to increase awareness about how early, overwhelming and/or threatening experiences can lead to later poor health and well-being. Through this awareness we hope to change the way people think about those who have experienced ACES, reduce the stigma around seeking supportive help and shift the focus away from solutions being only an individual responsibility to a community responsibility.

Click link here BFCExplainerOnePg for more information on Building Flourishing Communities in Vermont.

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