BECK COVID-19 Webinars

By Amy Stonoha  |  April 14, 2020  |  Featured News

Beck Institute is committed to supporting our global community as it responds to the urgent mental health needs posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled the following resources to assist professionals in the health, mental health, and adjacent fields in helping their clients during this time.

*Please note that any item with an asterisk is appropriate for the general public, in addition to mental health professionals.


Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) Webinar Series: Flourishing in a Time of Prescribed Social Distancing *

  • Beck Institute Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy Co-directors Paul Grant, PhD and Ellen Inverso, PsyD are leading brief, weekly, web-based discussions on April 10, April 17, and May 1, 2020. The practical strategies that CT-R emphasizes can help anyone thrive – families, individuals, essential employees, and health/mental health workers – amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. These live webinars are free and open to everyone, but space is limited. Learn more and register.

CBT for Front-Line Medical Professionals: Brief Interventions During a Time of Crisis

Clinic and Faculty Blogs
Telehealth Resources
Relevant Articles on Dealing with Traumatic Events
Multimedia Resources
Helpful Books
Relevant Research
CDC Updates

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