Vermont Care Partners – Stepping Forward Together Webinar Series Presents

By Amy Stonoha  |  July 13, 2020  |  Featured News

Silence Hurts: The Impact of Untreated Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Health and Well-being of Vermonters with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Presented by:  Joe Grabowski, Quality & Technical Leader, Upper Valley Services

Despite the great strides toward inclusion and person-centered supports that have been made in the developmental services system, intellectual disabilities and mental illness are still often served under the same umbrella as if they were interchangeable diagnoses.  Likewise, Ableism still prevails in the healthcare system in favor of those Vermonters who can advocate for themselves, and who can provide a historical context for the biological and environmental factors that have contributed to their health issues. Vermonters who face social and/or communication barriers, however, run a greater risk of adverse health complications as their own stories and internal unmet needs often go unvoiced and unheard, and consequently, untreated.  Current research on trauma-informed care and on the health impacts of social isolation holds the potential to rectify this inequity in the healthcare system.  This workshop will explore the unconscious perceptions and biases underlying these issues, and will discuss evidence-based approaches to ensure that all Vermonters receive the same quality of care through offering information, resources, and support to health care providers on effectively treating people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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