Note from Karen Crowley regarding the Executive Director position at VCPI

By Amy Stonoha  |  October 27, 2020  |  Featured News

Hello, all.  It is with a significant amount of ambivalence that I’m sending this note to officially let people know that I am leaving my VCPI position- effective 11/6.  As some of you have already heard me say, this has been a challenging decision for me as I am passionate about the work we’ve been doing and am committed to the unique approach of working as a cooperative.  In my opinion, it is critical to the system if we are to move forward in service to Vermonters seeking support and services.  Now more than ever, it is clear that there is no way for us to be successful in our efforts without collaborating with one another.


I am proud of what VCPI and our membership have accomplished in the four years I’ve had the honor of serving in the position of Executive Director.  I’ve often said this is a director position who directs nothing and yet things happen.

  • We have secured a full-time Operations & Technology Manager position and in this role, Amy Stonoha has brought her significant knowledge and skills to help us increase the resources we are able to provide remotely.  She is creating content and managing the VCPI Learning Portal which is quickly developing into the go-to for training and resources on topics related to our work.
  • We successfully negotiated a process that resulted in VCPI finding a home with Northern Vermont University- a partnership with significant advantages for us.
  • A membership committee developed a set of policies and procedures to guide our day-to-day functioning as an organization.  We’ve also established systems and procedures to support the operational functions of the VCPI office.
  • Membership continues to expand with the development of new connections and the strengthening of existing relationships.
  • We’ve increased our budget significantly as we’ve added to the number of projects and initiatives we are managing.
  • Recently, we’ve established a VCPI anti-racism workgroup to lead our organization as we work to do our part in increasing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice and addressing the issues of racial trauma and systemic racism.
  • 16 different organizations across 30 Vermont sites were able to participate in the USDA Telepresence grant which will bring a significant amount of equipment and connection to the Vermont system of care.

NVU and the VCPI leadership team established a search committee and recruitment has begun for this important (and really great!) position.  I encourage anyone with an interest in applying, or a suggestion of someone who would be a good fit, to reach out to Amy for more information.


Please view the position description and apply here:


Thank you,

Karen Crowley

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