Who We are. What We do.

What is the Coop?

VCPI is a statewide membership-based “cooperative”, engaged in practice improvement, workforce development and sustainable practice implementation in the Vermont system of care.

Why a Coop?

VCPI came from an idea developed by the Designated Agencies and DMH, working collaboratively with other stakeholders (e.g. peer organizations). The goal is to develop a fully collaborative partnership to do what is best for people in Vermont, as well as to promote efficiencies among the members. We are working to become a member-based organization with “shared ownership” (like a Food Co-op) to promote collaborative and innovative thinking for continuous learning and improvement, with the goal of providing the highest quality of services and utilizing economies of scale to maximize financial efficiency.

What does the Coop do?

VCPI is very busy! We are leading a state-wide network in which multiple stakeholders – representing state agencies; hospitals; mental health, substance abuse, and other health and human service providers; peer based organizations, and peers and families of consumers – have come together under a shared mission and vision to impact practice system wide. People and organizations are coming to us to help them take their practice improvement ideas and projects “to scale” inside the Co-op.

We sponsor and provide training, but we are more than just a training organization. We plan to develop capacity for resource sharing and dissemination of training materials, but are more than just a resource sharing vehicle.

We do much more, as indicated by the list below:

  • Implementation, dissemination and evaluation of practice improvement activities
  • Organizational support for practice, quality improvement, training and coaching
  • Organizational consultation regarding maximizing efficient workforce development.
  • Providing and promoting innovative workforce training and orientation opportunities
  • Learning communities to support sustainable implementation and culture change
  • Pilot Projects for adapting and examining evidence-based and promising practices
What kind of statewide activities and projects are you involved in?

We focus efforts on creating benefit and value for the broad membership of the Cooperative. Our projects and initiatives are designed beyond “training as usual”, to support the sustainable implementation and broad dissemination of the “jewels” of best practices in Vermont.

  • DBT Institute & Learning Community
  • Core Orientation for Direct Service Providers
  • Collaborative Network Approach Initiative
  • Team Two
  • Mental Health First Aid (Aware)
  • Co-Occurring e-Learning Collaborative
  • First Episode Psychosis
  • Culture of Wellness
  • Six Core Strategies©
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)/Reslience/Trauma


Why does the Coop need Members?

The more members we have the stronger we are, the more voices we have contributing to what we do, and the less costly it is for each member to reap the benefits of everyone else’s involvement. VCPI is intended to be a self-sustaining free standing membership organization and we need broad representation of stakeholders to guide the future of the organization and inform our work in contributing to and defining best practices for Vermont.

Why should we join?

Provide Direction – THIS IS YOUR CO-OP. As members you have a vote and a presence to define the direction of the Co-op so it meets your needs.

Reap the Rewards – Products, materials, and opportunities that are made available ONLY to members.

Save Money – Our goal as an organization is that the rewards of membership are greater than the costs, for everyone. Savings occur through identifying efficient ways to accomplish workforce development and practice improvement through the Co-op than would not be possible otherwise.

What is the value-added for my organization?

Our Steering Committee works to “co-operatively” to design and implement an array of products and opportunities for your agency: As a member, you will join us to contribute to the design and help create the benefits that YOU want and need. The most important question for any member organization: What will the Coop provide us that we would no longer need to pay for, so we know our investment is worthwhile? With your help, VCPI will answer that question for you.

Examples include:

  • Core orientation and competencies for direct care staff of various disciplines
  • Training and Learning Communities
  • CEU’s
  • Access to coaching and mentoring
  • Membership access for employees to the VT Coop website
  • Access to clinical online training programs and webinars
  • Organizational resources for practice improvement
  • Access to thought leaders and content experts
  • And more…

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