Annual Co-op Membership Rates

Organization (by organization size):

  • Small ($100k – $4.9M budget): $350

  • Medium ($5M – $14.9M budget): $1500

  • Large ($15M – $90M budget): $2500

Individual: $35

As a Member, you will help lead our organization forward. As a Member, you have a vote and a presence to define the direction of the Co-op so it meets your needs. When you become a Member, you invest in the future of innovation and practices in mental health and substance abuse work in Vermont.

Become A Member

Member Benefits:

  • Secure a place at the table to chart the future of our organization and future membership fees
  • Discounts and priority access to selected training, webinars and coaching
  • FREE access to an on-site organizational workforce development consultation
  • Representation on the VCPI Steering Committee that currently represents over 70 stakeholders
  • Premier access to VCPI member products and development
  • Access to VCPI core competency training modules
  • Opportunity to leverage your training resources for maximum impact and efficiency
  • Access to national content experts, training, coaching and mentoring
  • Participation in learning communities to promote effective practice
  • Access to high level organizational resources for practice improvement
  • Share personal and organizational knowledge and skills with other Co-op member
  • Opportunity to participate in and share in the benefits of our innovative projects
  • You can contribute to defining and developing the best practices for Vermont

Do you offer assistance with Membership Fees?

Yes, we will work with you if you need help around membership fees.

For assistance, and to request Membership invoices/receipts:

Please email: or call 802-626-6523

Membership FAQS