Who We Are


What is the Coop?

Founded in 2013, VCPI is a new type of organization: a statewide cooperative in which member organizations engage in sustainable practice improvement and workforce development in the Vermont system of care.

Why a Coop?

The Coop is working to become a fully cooperative partnership to do what is best for people in Vermont. Our goal is to become a member-based organization with “shared ownership” (like a Food Co-op) promoting collaborative and innovative thinking and continuous learning and improvement to provide the highest quality of services, and utilize economies of scale to maximize financial efficiency for members.

Coop History

The idea for a Vermont Cooperative devoted to Practice Improvement and Innovation originated with the Designated Agencies, the Vermont Department of Mental Health, and in collaboration with multiple other stakeholders. Start up funding has been provided by the VT Department of Mental Health through grant funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to lead a statewide community partnership promoting innovation, practice improvement, implementation and workforce development to enhance and improve the experiences and outcomes of individual and families experiencing mental health and substance use conditions.

    Our vision is to partner as a statewide cooperative learning community inspiring hope, wellness, resilience and recovery for Vermonters experiencing mental health and substance use conditions.

  • Our Philosophy

    VCPI focuses on Practice Improvement and Workforce Development activities designed to create benefit and value for our members.

    Beyond Training: Learn by Doing

    -Work Cooperatively, Not Independently

    -Expand Efficiency and Effectiveness, Not Cost

    Working cooperatively, we achieve more progress, with greater efficiency.

  • Steering Committee

    In this statewide cooperative, multiple stakeholders share resources to support workforce development and practice improvement in mental health, substance abuse programs and related systems of care.

    Over 70 Vermonters have participated in our VCPI Steering Committee to date, and a smaller multi-stakeholder group has served as an Implementation Team for VCPI. We welcome more partners and participation.

If you would like to join the VCPI Steering Committee or contribute in any way to VCPI’s development, please contact us Email Us